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Twitch Starter — a way of building a channel for yourself, otherwise known simply as Twitch, is an Amazon-owned live stream video platform whose main focus is video gaming and events related thereto, such as “let’s play” series of video games made by users and broadcasts of virtual sports events. With its number of viewers averaging 43 million per month, was, by February 2014, considered to be the fourth largest peak Internet traffic source in the United States. This article will be essentially a Twitch build guide that will tell you how to use the Twitch platform to build a channel for yourself.

In order to build a Twitch channel, you need three things, above all others — time, money and dedication. Of course, you must also have accounts with both and, which you can connect, as indicated in the next paragraph. Since the setup process has been covered in a previous article in this series, we will not outline it again here.

Many of those who run Twitch channels attempt to build them through online resources other than Twitch itself. There is, however, no better online promotion source than the Twitchstarter streaming guides that you will find at, where you can also find plenty of free content for promoting your Twitch and thus getting more views for yourself. The site often rotates the Twitch on its network as a way of promoting those of its members. Once you become a member of the site, you have access to the entire contents of that site. If somebody likes your Twitch, he or she can bookmark your emoticons. Occasionally, too, users will be able to view your streams.

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